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                                                      Our customer base ranges from big corporations to schools and even the personal consumer. We
                                                      pride ourselves on having products for everyone. No matter how large or small your necessity is,
                                                      you can find it with us.

                                                      The brands we work with and the machinery range we offer is top-notch. Our merchandise
                                                      includes machine accessories and spare parts for cleaning equipment. If you are looking for great
                                                      quality bins and bin liners well we have a variety for your many needs.

Our Product Range

Liquid Soap, bleach, disinfectant, glass cleaners, floor cleaners, and carpet cleaners are some of the varieties of cleaners in different quantities we provide. Together with a great range of cleaning equipment, we have you covered to clean every single corner of your property. We even have products required for school janitorial services such as cleaning essentials and multi-purpose cleaning trolleys. Stock up on your list today with our efficient ordering system.

Further to our cleaning solutions, our products include items such as disinfectant wipes, facial wipes, masks, disposable gowns and even gloves. We also have a range of soaps, from body and hand soaps to even industrial-grade soap. One can even find hotel and motel guest amenities and toiletries in our line.

Our Products

                                                      At Cleaning Products Australia, we specialize in bringing you a range of high-quality cleaning
                                                      solutions and products. All that you need to keep your workplace, house and even vehicles clean
                                                      and tidy. What’s more, we even have products for personal use, from soaps, body wash and
                                                      masks to other cleaning essentials.

                                                      We understand it can be time-consuming and frustrating to go from shop to shop to find different
                                                      cleaning essentials. This is why we at Cleaning Products Australia (CPA) decided to create a
                                                      space where you can find everything you need in one place. Sounds perfect, right? Well, it is!
                                                      Just a scroll through our site, and you are bound to find all that you require and more. We make
                                                      shopping for essential products convenient, fun and worth your while.

Best Selling Products

Best Product in Australia

Our product versatility and diversity make us stand above others in the market. Our customers trust our services and products, which keeps them regularly purchasing their supplies from us. We pride ourselves in serving Australians with great products with ease and value for money.

CPA offers a wide range of career opportunities to the local people

Our aim is to support local people by recruiting them

We interact with our clients and employees using emails, messages and meetings

CPA uses an online platform for storing and maintaining information.

We train our team regarding chemicals usage and storage from time to time trough various programs.

We also arrange safety programs for our staff members

CPA arranges fun and extracurricular sociocultural activities for their staff and clients

By arranging events with local community group.

CPA our core purpose has helped us focus our business on the essential needs of our key target market – Cleaning Contractors

We have extensive experience and expert product  knowledge in the industrial and commercial cleaning field to support the unique needs of each of our customers. From specialized and innovative cleaning machinery to everyday hygiene consumables, you’ll find we offer the widest range of products and the most reliable service in our industry.

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